Private Ski Lessons At Coronet Peak

Your Queenstown based ski instructor team:

With a passion for the mountains, an in-depth knowledge of local terrain and a passion to share our winter playground with you, the Snow Chaser team is here for you. Let us help you find the right instructors, and the best plan for you and your team.

Whether you want to try skiing for the first time, get off the blue runs, progress on new terrain, or perhaps get a bit technical. We have the right coach for you.

Perhaps you skied a while ago, and need a refresher, or maybe you’d like the kids to progress in their skiing, so they can join you, safely and confidently on the hill. Heidi’s hut for lunch anyone?

Adaptive Skiers

The Snow Chaser team have experience teaching and supporting adaptive skiers, those returning from injury or surgery, those with cognitive challenges or anyone needing extra support.

Children’s Specialists.

We are qualified and experienced to look after your little ones, with specialist children’s ski teaching qualifications, and experience in other types of education. Book a full day lesson for the kids, and we can take care of them at lunchtime too.

Why get private coaching?

A private lesson can accelerate your learning, that’s why choosing an experienced instructor is important. Everybody learns differently and at different speeds, we will tailor the day just for you.

At Snow Chaser we believe in fun! And one thing we know is that getting better at skiing equals more fun!

We love Queenstown, and spending our days in the snow, we’re ready and waiting to share our experience with you

We work within the NZSKI team of instructors, based mainly at Coronet Peak, and The Remarkables by request.

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